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If Chelsea wins the Champions League, they will automatically be qualified for next year's no matter what their position is at the end of the season, and since the Premier League can only have four teams Newcastle would then not go to the Champions League but the Europa League, everything moving down one.

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Q: If Newcastle finish 4th in the epl and Chelsea win the champions league does that mean Newcastle dont qualify for the champions league?
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How does a team qualify from the group stage of the UEFA champions league?

finish 2nd 1st in their gruop

How many points did Newcastle finish in 2007-08?

Newcastle United finished with 43 points to finish 12th in the English Premier League.

How do you get the uefa europa league in pes 2010?

Finish 3rd or 4th in champions league group league so u don't qualify for the knock out stage

Who will get 4th on the premier league?

I really hope Newcastle do. However, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea could all finish fourth if the right results happen on the last game of the season. My money is on Tottenham.

What would happen if a team won the Champions League but were relegated in the same season?

Nothing much, Liverpool won the champions league and did not finish in the top four the season after, so they could not qualify for the tournament the season after. But they were allowed to enter through a knock out stage instead.

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Do you qualify for champions league if you win it?

Im trying to find this out myself to settle a debate, under my belief you don't as this no longer applies anymore after Liverpool finish 5th but won it. they actually never worked out this could happen they allowed Liverpool the chance to qualify but changed the ruling the season after.

Where did Spain finish in the world cup table?

Spain are world champions.

Can f a cup winner qualify for champions league?

Yes, if they finish in a qualifying position in the league. The place for the cup winner then goes to the runner-up, unless they too qualified for the Champions League. It's then up to the national association to decide what to do; some countries will have a play-off between the beaten semi-finalists.

Where did the Newcastle Knights Finish on the NRL Ladder 2009?

The Newcastle Knights finished 7th on the NRL ladder after Round 26. They got knocked out by the Bulldogs in The Qualifying Finals.

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When Liverpool didn't finish high enough in the premiership to qualify for the 2006 champions league why where they allowed in the competition?

Because they went into pre-qualifacation round wich they got 5th place and had the chance to play for a spot in the group stage

How many times have spurs finished ahead of Chelsea in premiership?

0 they always finish in the same place

How do you qualify for eufopa league from premier league?

To qualify for Europa league from the premier league you need to finish between position 5 and 7 and be winners of the league cup.

Who was the last person to finish top scorer for Chelsea other than Drogba?

Nicolas Anelka - `2008 - 2009

What place did Man U finish in 2003-2004 in the Premier League?

They finished 3rd, after arsenal(1st) and chelsea(2nd)

When was the last time Liverpool finish above man utd?

It was in the 2009-2010 season, that Liverpol came second after Chelsea.

Have Everton FC already qualified for next seasons Europa League?

>>Everton have not, mathematically, qualified yet. In order to do so they have to either win the FA Cup or finish in the top seven of the league... pretty difficult for them to not succeed in the latter, at least! This is incorrect. Everton have in fact qualified for Europe because Chelsea are guaranteed a Champions League place. This is per UEFA directives : "Losing domestic cup finalists will still be able to play in the UEFA Cup (UEFA Europa League) if the winners qualify for the UEFA Champions League. In taking this decision, the Executive Committee was anxious to stress the importance of the domestic cup competitions and to preserve their appeal". Ironically, this was confirmed on April 22nd when Everton qualified for Europe by means of failing to defeat Chelsea in the 0-0 draw at Stamford Bridge.

How do you qualify for the efa tournament in fifa 09 ps2?

If you're playing in the English Premier League, finish 5th in the league.

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I couldn't believe it either. It was down to his finish in the Order of Merit 2008.

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How do Everton qualify for Europe?

The need to win a cup trophy, like the FA Cup, or finish in the top 4 places in the Premier League.

What place did Man Utd finish in the Premier League season 2001 - 2002?

They finished third, behind Champions Arsenal and runners-up Liverpool.

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How many English teams qualify for UEFA Europa League?

There are essentially seven places in European football available for the EPL. Top four get the Champions League, fifth gets the Europa League and the other two Europa League places go to the winners of the two domestic cups (League Cup and FA Cup) The "top six" do not automatically get European football. Lets assume that 1-4 qualify for the CL from their league position only (i.e. not as a result of winning it that season) and fifth place qualifies for the Europa League in the same way. If fifteenth in the League wins the FA Cup and say even a team from the Championship wins the League Cup then those are the teams that qualify. If the teams that finish in fifth and sixth have won both the cups, then a place in the Europa League (that vacated by fifth) goes to seventh. In simple terms, three teams qualify. Which teams they are depends on winners of the domestic cups. This season Chelsea won the FA Cup and have finished sixth, therefore they, Liverpool (who won the League Cup) and fifth place (whoever that may end up being) will qualify. Had Chelsea finished fifth, the sixth place teams takes their Europa League place. There is however, no 6th place Europa League qualifying spot.