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My prediction: QPR, Cardiff City and Nottingham Forest.

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Q: Who will get promoted into the premier league from the championship?
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Are West Brom in the premier league?

Yes, there are:), promoted from the championship in the 09/10 season.

Team in cocacola championship playoff 2010?

Cardiff and Blackpool. Blackpool got promoted to the Premier League

Which is better the championship league or the premier league?

The English Premier League is the highest league in English Football, while the Npower Championship League is the league below the premier league. Financially and popularly, it is much better to be in the Premier League instead of the Championship League.

Who got promoted to the Premier League in 2012?

Reading, Southampton and West Ham were promoted to the Premier League in 2012.

When was Arsenal promoted to the Premier League?

They have been part of the Premier League since it began in 1992, so they were never promoted to it.

What league is below the premier league?

The championship.

Who was promoted to premier league?

QPR, Norwich and Swansea.

What premier league football player has won the champions league has been relegated from and promoted to the premier league?

David Beckham

Who went into the championship in the 2009 2010 season?

In the 2009/2010 season Leicester City, Peterborough United and Scunthorpe United were promoted to the Championship from the League One. West Bromwich Albion, Middlesbrough and Newcastle United were relegated from the Premier League to the Championship.

Which soccer club has been promoted to the premier league the most times?

Both Sunderland and West Bromich Albion have been promoted to the Premier League four times.

When did Manchester city last get promoted to the premier league?


Team promoted to premier league most times?

Its ipswich getting promoted 32 times

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