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It Will probably be Triple H,

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Q: Who will face undertaker at wrestle mania 28?
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Will undertaker face WrestleMania 28?

yes. he will face goldberg at wrestle mania 28

Who won at wrestle-mania 28 between undertaker and Triple H?


Who holds the WrestleMania which is in WWE record?

Undertaker is 20 and 0 at wrestle mania as of werstlemania 28

Will Triple H win at wrestle mania 28?

only if Shawn Michaels screws undertaker

Will undertaker go 20-0 at wrestle-mania?

his streak might come to a end 1 of these years, but undertaker will go 20-0 at wrestlemania 28.

Who will wrestle undertaker at WrestleMania 28?

No one knows that yet, but at WrestleMania 27, Triple H will face Undertaker.

Who will break the undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania?

wrestle mania 28 the undertaker will be defeated by knock out after he threatens mike Tyson at the royal rumble and mike issues the challange and the undertaker accepts the last man standig match

Where is wrestle mania 28 going to be?

Miami, Florida.

When is wrestle mania 28?

I believe it is April 1st of 2012

How many wrestle mania's have there been?

there has been 28 wrestle manias and 29 is on April 7th 2013 which is coming up

Who won at wrestle-mania 28 between punk and chris jerico?


Who won between the rock and John Cena at wrestle mania 28?

The Rock.

Is WWE WrestleMania going to come in Pennsylvania?

no. wrestle mania 28 will be in miami

Is rey mysterio vs sin cara in WrestleMania 29?

yes i think so. i think they announced that they were going to have sin cara vs rey mysterio at wrestle 29. they were supposed to face at wrestle mania 28 but they were out with injurys

Who won between john cena and the rock?

It was the rock who won on wrestle mania 28

Is undertaker coming back to WWE 2012?

Yes,undertaker is coming back in 2012 but in wrestling mania 28

When do WrestleMania 28 tickets go on sale?

wrestle mania 28 tickets are all sold out on! they went on sale 9/1/11

Is the undertaker ever coming back after wrestle maina27?

he will probably retire before WrestleMania 28

Who won when John Cena vs The Rock WrestleMania 28?

The Rock beat John Cena at Wrestle mania 28 with a rock bottom (Rock's finisher).

Who is going to be the host of wrestlemania 28?

for those fo you who want to know who going to host wrestle mania's wwe legend ULTIMATE WARRIOR.

Can goldberg come back at WrestleMania 28 to face the undertaker?


Who will face the undertaker at wrestelmania 28?

John cena No, Cena is not facing the Undertaker. The Undertaker's next WrestleMania opponent has not been revealed yet.

Who will undertaker face at wm 28?

I don't know but stone cold should try

When will be undertaker's next match?

The undertakers next match is at wrestlemania 28 where he is going to face hhh

Will John Cena wrestle in WrestleMania 28?

Yes He will face off against The Rock for the WWE title if he is the Champion at that time