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Q: Who were the cubs players who wore number 8 in the last 20 years?
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What former Chicago Cubs players are now broadcasters?

Mark Grace - handles color commentary for Arizona DiamondbacksRick Sutcliffe - works for ESPNGary Matthews - does color commentary for the PhllliesKieth Moreland - Has filled in for Cubs TV broadcasts the last couple of years.

Which baseball team has waited the longest to win another World Series?

I believe the Chicago Cubs have the longest drought. The Cubs last World Series victory was 1908. The cubs really need to get better players like cc sabthia derek jeter players as goog as the Yankees

When was the last time the cubs won?

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. That is over 100 years ago!

Who has the best record over the last 10 years in MLB?

Chicago Cubs

The number of spurs that went to the last all-stars game?

Only two players went to last years all star game and they are Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

What University of Illinois basketball players in the last 15 years wore jersey number 22?

kiwane garris, lucas johnson, probably more

Why was women's baseball started?

It was an experiment during World War II due to the number of baseball players that went into the service. It didn't last but a couple of years.

How many broncos have been arrested in the last ten years?

Broncos are football players in the NFL. Bronco players are from Colorado. Approximately 8 Denver Broncos have been arrested in the last ten to twelve years.

How many of University of Miami Florida football players have been arrested in the last 20 years done?

11 players.

What players have played with Celtic and Newcastle in the last 20 years?

Craig Bellamy

What conference has put the most players in the nfl in the last 10 years?


What players for the Oakland Raiders have worn the number 80?

16 different player have worn it over the last 50 years. Since 2010 it has been worn by Rod streater.