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I believe the Chicago Cubs have the longest drought.

The Cubs last World Series victory was 1908.

The cubs really need to get better players like cc sabthia derek jeter players as goog as the Yankees

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Q: Which baseball team has waited the longest to win another World Series?
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Aside from the Cubs what Major league baseball playoff team has waited the longest to win a World Series?

The San Francisco Giants As of the 2007 season, the Cubs have waited 99 years to win a World Series. Their last World Series victory came in 1908. The longest streak before that belonged to the Philadelphia Phillies who entered the National League in 1883 and won their first and only World Series in 1980, a length of 97 years. Currently, after the Cubs, the longest World Series victory drought is the Cleveland Indians who last won the Series in 1948. After the Indians comes the Giants who last won a World Series in 1954.

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