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Q: What players have played with Celtic and Newcastle in the last 20 years?
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Which premiership players used to play for Celtic?

The Sweedish striker Henrick Larson played many years for Celtic in Scotland, but played only a year for Manchester United.

Who is better Middlesbrough or Newcastle United?

Newcastle United are better the Middlesbrough any day , after just one year of relegation sold players and still reached the premiere league , middllesbrough are still down for a few years now.

Can you name the players who played for Tottenham?

no they're like a 100 years old there are like a thousand players that have played or been at tottenham in a 100 years

Name the first premiership team shay given played for?

It was Sheffield F.c. then he went to Newcastle for many years.

Which two England players with the same name have played for iengland in the last 20 years?

It's likely that the answer you are looking for is Alan Smith - one was an Arsenal player in the late 80's/early 90's. the other currently plays for Newcastle United

5 Celtic players who have been capped for England in the last 15 years?

Alan Thompson, Alan stubbs, ian wright, chris sutton,

Are there any football players who have played for Arsenal Newcastle Sunderland and Celtic?

No player has played for all four as far as im aware. The four players that i know that have played for both sides of the old firm are Mo Johnstone, Kenny Miller, Mark Brown and Stephen Pressely, there is someone else but i cant remember who. (Alfie Conn and Alec Bennet) I know andri Kanchelskis played for Man Utd and Rangers and is the has played in the Merseyside, Manchester and Old Firm derbys. Henrik Larsson for Celtic and Man Utd, Claudio Reyna Rangers and Man City.....That is all i can add. Manchester is a city that has had a herrible hurricane.barry robson also played for both Celtic and rangersAlfie Conn played for Celtic and Rangers.You have to go way back in time but George Livingstone, who played about 100 years ago as an inside forward, was on the books of all four clubs at one point. He signed for Celtic after spells with Hearts and Sunderland in 1901, but there's I can't fin any record of him ever playing a game for them. He left them pretty quickly to sign for Liverpool. Then Man City singed him in 1903 where he made 81 appearances. In 1806 he returned to Glasgow, this time as a Rangers player where he made 47 appearance scoring an impressive 20 goals. Then in 1909 he made his last move, which was to sign for Manchester United where he made 43 appearances. He later served Rangers as a trainer.That was the only player I could find who played for all four clubs, though strangely like I said he doesn't seem to have played a first team game at Celtic...

How long did Henrik Larsson play for Celtic?

Henrik Larsson played for Celtic for 7 years from 97-04 season to 03-04 season

Who has played for rangers and Celtic?

Transfers between both Old Firm clubs are rare, only seven in over 110 years. Players have joined both clubs throughout there career but only two players have played for a club more then once, Tom Dunbar and Kenny Miller.Answers.comScotlandTom Dunbar (Celtic 1888-1891, Rangers 1891-1892, Celtic 1892-1898)ScotlandAllan Martin (Rangers 1891-1892, Celtic 1895-1896)ScotlandGeorge_Livingstone(Celtic 1901-1902, Rangers 1906-1909)ScotlandAlex_Bennett_(footballer) (Celtic 1903-1908, Rangers 1908-1918)ScotlandTom Sinclair (Rangers 1904-1906, Celtic 1906-1907)ScotlandRobert_Campbell_(footballer_born_1883) (Celtic 1905-1906, Rangers 1906-1914)ScotlandHugh Shaw (Rangers 1905-1906, Celtic 1906-1907)ScotlandWillie_Kivlichan(Rangers 1905-1907, Celtic 1907-1911)ScotlandDavid_Taylor_(footballer_born_1883) (Rangers 1906-1911, Celtic 1918-1919 wartime guest)ScotlandDavie McLean (Celtic 1907-1909, Rangers 1918-1919)ScotlandScott_Duncan(Rangers 1913-1918, Celtic 1918-1919 wartime guest)ScotlandJames Young (Celtic 1917-1918, Rangers 1917-1918)ScotlandTully_Craig(Celtic 1919-1922, Rangers 1923-1935)ScotlandAlfie_Conn,_Jr. (Rangers 1968-1974, Celtic 1977-1979)ScotlandMaurice_Johnston(Celtic 1984-1987, Rangers 1989-1992)ScotlandSteven_Pressley(Rangers 1990-1994, Celtic 2006-2008)ScotlandMark_Brown_(footballer_born_1981) (Rangers 1999-2001, Celtic 2007-2010)ScotlandKenny_Miller(Rangers 2000-2001, Celtic 2006-2007, Rangers 2008-present)

Which Manchester United players have played for Celtic?

Roy Keane is one of them Liam Miller, Brian McClair, Lou Macari, Paddy Crerand Dion Dublin, Henrik Larsson, Jimmy Delaney and Lee Martin. Also Brian Little, Klaus Van Huntelaar and Jake Howells (in the next ten years) what years did jimmy Delaney play

What American League players played 20 years for the same team?

Al Kaline

What was a fili in Celtic times?

"Celtic Times" is not a clear enough description. Celtic people are around today and have been around for thousands of years.