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who are the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the nfl ?

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Q: Who were the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the NFL?
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Who are the oldest NFL quarterbacks in 2011?

Batch? Collins?

Who are the oldest quarterbacks in the nfl?

Brett farve is the oldest starting quarterback at 41

Who are the all-time oldest starting nfl quarterbacks?

George Blanda was the oldest starting quarterback.

Who are the 2 oldest starting quarterbacks in the NFL?

Kurt Warner and Brett Favre

Who are the three oldest playing quarterbacks in the NFL this season?

Brett Favre is easily one of them.

How many NFL quarterbacks are older than Brett Favre?

None. Brett Favre is the oldest active quarterback at this time.

Who are the 5 Oldest Quarterbacks in NFL History?

Brett favre, Kurt warner, Kerry Collins, brad Johnson, Trent green

What NFL quarterbacks are former packers?

Currently no NFL starting quarterbacks are former Green Bay Packers

How many U of Michigan quarterbacks played in the NFL?

There have been 10 Michigan quarterbacks in the NFL. They are:Bob PtacekJohn NavarreDrew HensonChad HenneJim HarbaughBrian GrieseElvis GrbacTodd CollinsLarry CipaTom Brady

Do NFL quarterbacks have earpieces?


How many active NFL quarterbacks are over 40?

There are no quarterbacks over 40 who are currently on a team. Brad Johnson, who is currently a free agent, is 40 years old which makes him the oldest quarterback in the league. Kurt Warner at age 37 is the oldest player currently on a team.

How many quarterbacks are active per team during the NFL season?

There are 3 quarterbacks

How many NFL quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl four times?

5 quarterbacks:)

What is the percentage of white quarterbacks in the NFL?


Who are the Mexican quarterbacks in the NFL?

Donovan Mcnabb

How many NFL quarterbacks are from the MAC?


What are the ages of NFL quarterbacks?

kapernack is 25

Alabama quarterbacks who have played in NFL?


Black quarterbacks NFL 2009?


How many NFL quarterbacks are bachelors?


Which conference has the most NFL quarterbacks?


How many nfl quarterbacks are from texas?


How many NFL quarterbacks are there from purdue?


Who are the oldest quarterbacks to start against each other in the nfl?

I believe it was Arizona vs. minnesota on dec 6 2009 ...Brett farve and Kurt warner

Who are the oldest quarterbacks playing in the NFL?

The ten oldest starting quarterbacks in the NFL coming into the 2014 season are Peyton Manning (37), Tom Brady (36), Drew Brees (34), Carson Palmer (33), Tony Romo (33), Mike Vick (33), Eli Manning (32), Matt Shaub (32), Phillip Rivers (31), and Ben Roethlisberger (31)