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There are 3 quarterbacks

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Q: How many quarterbacks are active per team during the NFL season?
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How many QB did Chicago Bears have in 1940?

During the 1940 season the Bears carried 5 quarterbacks on their roster.

How many players are in the dodgers team?

25 players are active during the season.

How many quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl in their third season?


How many quarterbacks are on an NFL roster?

During the regular season teams will usually have three QBs on the roster and all three will dress on game day.

How many active NFL quarterbacks were drafted below Round 2?

Tom Brady

How many NFL quarterbacks threw for 300 yards last season?


How many quarterbacks in the 2010 nfl season wear the number 7 jersey?


How many quarterbacks have played a full season for the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino left?


How many basketball players are in 3 teams?

During the regular season, there can only be 12 active players. so 36 players. However, there can be more, just not all of them will be active.

How many NFL quarterbacks are older than Brett Favre?

None. Brett Favre is the oldest active quarterback at this time.

How many active NFL quarterbacks are over 40?

There are no quarterbacks over 40 who are currently on a team. Brad Johnson, who is currently a free agent, is 40 years old which makes him the oldest quarterback in the league. Kurt Warner at age 37 is the oldest player currently on a team.

Who are the university of Tennessee quarterbacks during the last 20 years?

There have been many great quarterbacks for the University of Tennessee over the last 20 years. Some of the quarterbacks were Peyton Manning, Tee Martin, and Tyler Bray.