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Patrick Kane at 19 years old.

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Q: Who was the youngest Chicago Blackhawks player ever?
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Who wore number 70 for the Chicago Blackhawks?

No player has ever worn number 70 for Chicago.

Who is the tallest player ever to play for the Chicago Blackhawks?

John Scott he is 6'8" and 6'10" on skates.

Did Terry Sawchuck ever play for Chicago Blackhawks?


Are the Canucks the best team ever in the NHL?

The Chicago Blackhawks are....

Was there ever a gray Indian head on the Chicago Blackhawks jersey?


Who was the youngest basketball player to win the finals?

The youngest basketball player ever to win a championship in the finals was ................ Michael Jordan 23 from The Chicago Bulls

Have the Boston Bruins ever met the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals?


Who did the Oilers play in their first-ever NHL regular-season game?

Chicago Blackhawks

Who is the youngest NFL player ever?

Amobi Okoye was the youngest player in the NFL at the time that he was drafted.

Did Bobby Orr ever play for the Chicago Black Hawks?

Yes. On June 9th, 1976, Bobby Orr signed with the Chicago Blackhawks.

WHO IS currently the youngest player in the NFL?

the youngest NFL player ever is Houston Texans DT Amobe Okoye

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sungha jung

Who was the youngest test player ever?

Hassan Raza

Youngest player to ever play for Cleveland Indians?

The 17-year old Feller became the youngest player ever to play a regular season game.

Did the Chicago Blackhawks ever win the Stanley Cup?

Yes, they have won it four times, 1934, 1938, 1961 and 2010.

Who is the youngest player to ever appear in the European Championships?

The youngest player ever to appear is: 18yrs 115days: Enzo Scifo (Belgium 2-0 Yugoslavia, 1984)

Who is the youngest player to ever win a NBA ring?


Who is the best youngest soccer player that has ever lived?


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Jaymie Willcock-Adams

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Raul Paueve'

Who is the youngest player ever to be drafted by the WNBA?

Lauren Jackson

Who earned the nickname the babe?

The youngest baseball player ever

Who is the youngest ever Irish rugby player?

Johnny Quirke

Youngest Player to play in the NHL?

Bep Guidolin was the youngest player ever. He was 16 when he made his debut for Boston in 1942-43

Has there ever been a penalty shot in a Stanley cup game?

Yes there was one in 2010 between Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers.