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Q: Who was the real captain of the Indian cricket team in 1983?
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Who makes first double century in one day cricket?

First person: Belinda Clark of Australian Female Cricket Team against Denmark for World Cup in 1997 First male batsman (and real cricket) Sachin Tendulkar of Indian cricket team. Against South Africa in 2010

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sachin tendulkar is But if you'r talking real Cricket with real men it's by far Jack Clews and Will Flood

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What does DLF stand for in ipl cricket 2009?

DLF Limited, or DLF (Delhi Leasing and Finance) is an Indian real estate developer based in New Delhi, India.DLF is currently sponsoring Indian Premier League(IPL), a Twenty20 format cricket league in India.DLF Group has paid US $40 million to be the title sponsor of the tournament for 5 years.