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sachin tendulkar is But if you'r talking real Cricket with real men it's by far Jack Clews and Will Flood

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Q: Who are the best cricket players?
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Who are the best-known cricket players from England?

Some of the best known cricket players in England are Kevin Pieterson, Andrew Strauss, Freddie Flintoff, Ian Bell.

Are Pakistanis good at cricket?

Absolutley yes because Pakistan has a variety of the best cricket players in the world. And Pakistani cricket teams are called as the t20 champions.

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Who are the 5 best players of cricket?

The all time five best players of cricket, according to my opinion include : 1.Sachin Tendulkar 2.Don Bradman 3.Shane Warne 4.Savrov Ganguly 5.Ricky Ponting

What has the author Bernard Whimpress written?

Bernard Whimpress has written: 'Passport to nowhere' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Cricket players, Biography, Cricket, Cricket players, Cricket players, Aboriginal Australian, History

What is the maximum number of cricket players on a team?

Maximum number of players on a cricket team is 11

In which sport do players compete for ashes?


Are all cricket players cab drivers?

No, professional cricket players only play cricket, amateur players may be cab drivers or any one of hundreds of professions.

What is the best website for cricket wallpapers I want Indian Cricket Wallpaper but also other players like Ricky Ponting and Brett Lee?

How many players do you have in cricket?

11 on-field players