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Tony Franklin

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Q: Who was the player who kicked a 64 yard field goal and made it?
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If a football that is punted goes through the goal posts is it a field goal?

no it's just a touchback No. A field goal can only be scored from a placekick or dropkick. The ball has to have made contact with the ground before it was kicked.

What is the longest field goal ever made in a super bowl?

Steve Christie kicked a 54 yard field goal for the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII against the Dallas Cowboys.

How do you calculate a players field goal percentage?

Divide the number of field goal attempts by the number of field goals made. For example, if a player has attempted 300 field goals and made 135 field goals, you would divide 300 into 135. In the example, the player's field goal percentage would be .450 or 45 percent.

How many points does a team get for a field goal in American football?

A field goal, when the ball is kicked through the upright goalposts, is worth three points. If the kick is made directly after a touchdown, it is not a field goal, but is a "try", also called the "point after touchdown" or PAT, and is worth one point.

How do you find a basketball shooting percentage?

Field Goal (FG) percentage can be determined by diving the field goals made by the field goals attempted. For instance, if a player makes 5 field goals out of 8, then his/her field goal percentage is 62.5%. The field goal percentage is composed of all field goals made--whether a two-pointer or three-pointer. A player's three-pointer percentage is three-pointers made divided by three-pointers attempted. You can find a player or team's field goal percentage in the NBA section of any sports website or listed in the sports section of most U.S. newspapers.

In football when kicking a field goal is the distance of the field goal determined from where the snapper is or from the place hold kicker?

A field goal is measured from where the ball is kicked from, not from the line of scrimmage. If Team A is kicking a field goal from the 20 yard line, the distance of the field goal would me measured as follows: Length to Goal Line: 20 Yards Length of Endzone: 10 Yards Place of Kick: 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage (typically kicks made from 6 to 7 yards behind the los) Total Distance of Field Goal: 37 yards.

What is Rob Bironas longest made field goal?

Rob Bironas longest made field goal was 62 yards.

If shot made with foul count as attempt?

Only if the shot is made. If the shot is good and a foul was committed, it counts as a field goal attempt and a field goal made. If the shot was not good, not field goal attempt is credited.

Is the target for a basketball field goal is a hoop?

Yes. A field goal is another word for a made basket.

Where can a field goal be made?

A field goal can be attempted from any position on the field. Although the range for most Kicker is about 50 Yards

What is the longest field goal made at Hines field?

It was a 51 yard field goal by Patrick McAfee (WVU) vs Pitt

What is shooting percentage?

It's the percentage of your field goal shots made and field goals attempted, also known as a field goal percentage

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