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Willie Mays hit his 511th home run May 3rd, 1965 in a 3-1 losing effort against Curt Simmons and the St. Louis Cardinals. The home run tied him at the time with Mel Ott for the most ever by a National League player.

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Al Downing in 1974

Aaron's 715th home run came in the fourth inning of the Braves' home opener with Los Angeles, off the Dodgers' Al Downing, a lefthander who had insisted doggedly before the game that for him this night, would be "no different from any other." He was wrong.

See a nice article discussing the event at

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Mike McCormick of the San Francisco Giants on July 14, 1968.

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Bud Black of the Kansas City Royals.

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Q: Who was the pitcher who gave up Hank Aaron's 715th home run?
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