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Robert Thompson

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Q: Who was the only person elected to both the football and the basketball hall of fame?
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Differences and similarities between football and basketball?

basketball and football are 2 games of skill but football unlike basketball needs feet to play with. they both need nets, but basketball needs a round one while football needs a squared one. for both basketball and football there are 2 teams and a big cout. they both also need a ball. Sarah Minawy

How are football and basketball alike?

They both have balls

How is football and basketball alike?

Both sports run

Are the Arizona State Sun Devils a basketball or football team?

Arizona State University has both a basketball and a football team.

Who have been radio annoucers for Oklahoma Football?

Bob Barry does both football and basketball.

What sport has the most running football or basketball?

for both it depends on ppositions but usually Football

Has the University of Florida football team ever had sanctions?

yes back in 1984 for both football and basketball

What year did the University of Florida win both the national football and basketball title?

2006. Florida defeated Ohio State in both the BCS National Championship Football game and the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Who played college football and basketball?

Nate Robinson played both for Washington

What is the differences between basketball and football?

Go watch video's of both. This will show you.

What team beaten the number 1 team in college football and basketball in the same year?

Wisconsin beat #1 Ohio State in 2010-11 in both football and basketball. Both games were held in Madison, Wisconsin.

Has A school won NCAA basketball and football in the same year?

Yes, Florida did it in the 2006-07 season. They defeated Ohio State in the championship game of both basketball and football

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