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Q: Who was the local television announcer for the Detroit Red Wings during the 1996-1997 season?
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Who was the PA announcer for the Detroit Pistons during the 1990s?

George Blaha, has been for 30years. He was named Michigans Sportscaster of the Year for 2008.

How did the New Orleans Saints get the nickname the bless you boys?

"Bless You Boys" wasn't a nickname for the New Orleans Saints. It was a promotional slogan adopted in the late 1980s by WWL-TV, the CBS affiliate that telecast Saints games at the time. The phrase was actually coined by Detroit sportscaster Al Ackerman of WDIV-TV and used during the Detroit Tigers' eventful World Series championship season in 1984.

Who are the radio announcers for the San Francisco Giants?

It varies. On most days, the radio team is comprised of Hall of Fame announcer Jon Miller and Dave Flemming. When Flemming is handling other assignments, either Duane Kuiper or Mike Krukow from the television side will join the radio booth. They all do TV and radio at certain points during the long baseball season.

Who are announcers for diamond backs?

The primary TV play-by-play announcer from 1998-2006 was Thom Brennaman before leaving to call games with his father for the Reds. The replacement TV play-by-play announcer was Daron Sutton, Don Sutton's son, and he's still there. The english language radio station's, KTAR, announcer is Greg Schulte and he's been on the station since the team's 1998 inaugural season. The backup radio play-by-play announcer is Jeff Munn, who also served as the regular PA announcer at Chase Field during the early days of the D-Backs Former MLB players Mark Grace and Tom Candiotti were color analysts for the 2006 and 07 seasons. Occasion color commentators are Matt Williams and Jose Garagiola SR Pre and Post analyst is Joe Borowski The spanish language radio station, AM 710, is hosted by Miguel Quintana, Richard Saenz and Oscar Soria The spanish language TV channel, KPHE-LP has announcers Oscar Soria and Jerry Romo

What does a rodeo announcer do during a rodeo?

announce the rodeo

Why do baseball players smell their bat?

During a game yesterday, the TV announcer said some players smell the bat after hitting a foul ball because it smells like burning wood. That sounded somewhat plausible. But in today's game, I saw a batter smell his bat while still on-deck.

What happened to Brady Anderson?

Retired Brady Anderson is currently a hitting coach and outfield instructor with the Baltimore Orioles, and is also a part-time announcer and TV commentator doing Orioles games. He is with the team right now during Spring Training in Sarasota, Fl. During the off-season, he works with MLB and other pro sports players with their conditioning and training in California.

Who was the Racetrack Announcer during the 1973 Belmont Stakes?

Chick Anderson.

What is the booth that the announcers sit in during a baseball game called?

Announcer's booth.

What do you call the place where the announcers sit during a football game?

The announcer's booth.

What does nugget alert mean during football?

It means when an announcer gives a tidbit of information.

Which battle enabled American troops to retake the city of Detroit during the war of 1812?

The Battle of ____________ enabled American troops to retake the city of Detroit during the War of 1812

What role did television play during the civil rights movement?

..... TV didnt exist during the civil rights movement

Were there TV's during World War 2?

there were TVs in Italy during the war. people often listened to the wirweless for the updates. tv was available in England but in ww2 they stopped all development of tv as an entertinment

How did techno start?

In the USA in Detroit during the 80's.

What was the biggest riot during the 1960s?

Detroit Riot 1967

Who is noli de Castro before he entered politics?

De Castro began his career as a broadcaster during the Marcos dictatorship, when press freedoms were suppressed. He worked as a field reporter for Johnny de Leon, a popular radio announcer at the time. He later became a radio announcer in RPN's DWWW station from 1982 to 1986. After the ouster of Marcos, de Castro joined ABS-CBN. He got his break into television as the segment host of Good Morning, Philippines' "At your Service". He also joined dzMM, a radio station of ABS-CBN, as the anchorman of "Kabayan". It was because of the popularity of the program that he gained the nickname "Kabayan Noli".In 1987, De Castro became host of "Magandang Gabi, Bayan" (Good Evening, Nation) and anchorman of the news and public affairs hit, "TV Patrol". In January 1999, he became overall head of production of "TV Patrol" and vice president of dzMM.

Was David Beckham knighted?

Not officially. David Beckham was inadvertently "knighted" by an announcer when the Olympic flame was handed over to Britain. During the ceremony, the announcer referred to him twice as Sir David Beckham. He has not been officially knighted by the Queen.

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destroy it

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What was an advance that was not made during the 1920s?

commercial television

Entertainment and information mass media marvel?

during 1960s it was television.

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Some TV shows during the 1930's in the United States were "The Television Ghost" and "The Jack Benny Show". In Britain, some TV shows in the 1930's were "For The Children", "Telecrime", and "The Disorderly Room".