Who are announcers for diamond backs?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The primary TV play-by-play announcer from 1998-2006 was Thom Brennaman before leaving to call games with his father for the Reds.

The replacement TV play-by-play announcer was Daron Sutton, Don Sutton's son, and he's still there.

The english language radio station's, KTAR, announcer is Greg Schulte and he's been on the station since the team's 1998 inaugural season.

The backup radio play-by-play announcer is Jeff Munn, who also served as the regular PA announcer at Chase Field during the early days of the D-Backs

Former MLB players Mark Grace and Tom Candiotti were color analysts for the 2006 and 07 seasons.

Occasion color commentators are Matt Williams and Jose Garagiola SR

Pre and Post analyst is Joe Borowski

The spanish language radio station, AM 710, is hosted by Miguel Quintana, Richard Saenz and Oscar Soria

The spanish language TV channel, KPHE-LP has announcers Oscar Soria and Jerry Romo

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Q: Who are announcers for diamond backs?
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