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Q: Who was the last team admitted into the Big East conference?
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Who does gator bowl matches up a team from the big 12 and a team from which conference?

The Big East Conference.

Is Maryland a team in the big east conference?

No they are in the ACC Conference

Team of the big east conference?


What is the conference that the Marquette University basketball team is apart of?

Marquette Univ is part of the Big East Conference

Who was the last team admitted into the ACC?

Boston College

How many times each NBA conference team east or west conference play each other?

They play 7 games TOTAL

What conference is Notre Dame in?

The football team does not belong to a conference. They are a Division 1-A independent as is Army and Navy.The fencing teams play in the Midwest Fencing Conference, the hockey team plays in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA), and the lacrosse team plays in the Great Western Lacrosse League. All other athletic teams play in the Big East Conference.

Is temple a division 1 football team?

Yes - Temple is a FBS team and a member of the East Division of the Mid-American Conference.

What Division 1 conference has the most schools fielding a mens basketball team?

big east

Does Boston college have a girls basketball team?

Yes. They won the Conference tournamet in 2004 (Big East).

In which conference does the Seton Hall basketball team compete in?

The Seton Hall men's basketball team, which is based in the American state of New Jersey. They currently compete in "The Big East Conference." They play their home games in the Prudential center

How does an NFL team win their conference?

They win their conference when they beaten every team in it. Or have beaten every team in the playoffs in their conference.

Can LSU tigers football team play in a different conference then LSU tigers basketball team?

They could, yes... but they don't. They play both sports as part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Other schools do play each sport in a different conference. For example, Villanova plays basketball in the Big East, but plays football in the Colonial conference.

What team did Larry Bird play his last game against?

He played his last game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Semis.

When was the last undefeated NFL NFC East team?

An NFC East team has never went undefeated. Only the Bears(twice), the Dolphins, and the Patriots have.

In college football if a team has a better overall record but another team has a better conference record are they ahead in the conference?

Yes, the conference record determines the conference standing of a team regardless of their over-all records.

Who was the last team to enter the big ten conference?

On June 4, 1990, the Council of Presidents voted to confirm its earlier decision to integrate Pennsylvania State University into the Conference.

What is the mascot of the Butler basketball team?

A bull dog. They are in the big east Atlantic conference. The bulldogs can refer to either the men's or women's team. There have been three dogs who have been the mascot.

What was the last year did East Germany had a team in the world cup?


The New Orleans Bowl matches up a team from conference US and a team from which conference?


What does it mean to make all-conference?

It is an honorary team of the best players in that particular conference. It can be done pre or post season and is done by coaches or media. In the three conferences I've coached in, the coaches would get together after the last game and nominate and vote for the team, with coaches not able to vote for their own players. Conference MOP's (Most Outstanding Players) are sometimes part of the team, and sometimes not.

How are the NFL divisions divided since 1960?

In 1960, the NFL had two conferences, the East and the West, and there were no divisions within either conference. The East conference had 6 teams and the West Conference had 7. In 1967, the NFL broke the two conferences into four divisions, the Capitol, Century, Coastal, and Central. Four teams were in each division. When the AFL-NFL merger occurred in 1970, each conference, American and National, had three divisions. Those were the East, Central, and West. Five teams were in each conference's East division and four were in both the Central and West. In 2002, with the addition of the Houston Texans as the 32nd NFL team, each conference was divided into four divisions from three. The new divisions were the East, North, West, and South. Four teams were in each division.

What team beat the phoenix suns last year out of the playoff?

The Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals in 2010

What does all conference mean in softball?

Like if you make all conference team, you are one of the best players in your whole conference. It's like they make a single team out of all the players in a conference

Can three teams in the same conference in the NFL go 16-0?

No, the max would be 2. The way the NFL schedule is set up (2011), along with the 6 division games each team plays all four teams in a different division of their conference. That means, for example, that each team in the East plays each team in the West and each team in the North plays each team in the South. The next season, the East would play the North and the West would play the South ... and so on year after year. This type of scheduling allows for only 2 undefeated/untied teams per conference.