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The Seton Hall men's Basketball team, which is based in the American state of New Jersey. They currently compete in "The Big East Conference." They play their home games in the Prudential center

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Q: In which conference does the Seton Hall basketball team compete in?
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Where did dick vitale play basketball in college?

Seton Hall

Who is pleasant foy?

Former Seton Hall University basketball player.

Who was in the 1989 Men's Basketball Final Four?

Michigan defeated Seton Hall.

What is the best conference in NCAA mens basketball?

The Big East Because they have Georgetown, St. Johns, lousiville, Pitt, West Virginia, Syracuse, Uconn, Cincinnati, Marquette, Notre Dame, Seton Hall, and Villanova.

When did Mark Bryant play at Seton Hall?

Mark Bryant played basketball at Seton Hall University from 1984 to 1988. He then went on to be a first round draft pick in the NBA, selected by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Who is seton hall university named after?

Seton Hall University is named after Elizabeth Ann Seton (Mother Seton). Seton Hall University was founded in 1856 by James Roosevelt Bayley, the son of one of her half-brothers.

When was Seton Hall University created?

Seton Hall University was created in 1856.

Home of the seton hall university?

Seton Hall University is located in South Orange, NJ. Seton Hall Law School is located in Newark, NJ.

What is Seton Hall University mascot?

Seton Hall's mascot is the Pirate. The school colors are blue and white.

When was Seton Hall University College of Nursing created?

Seton Hall University College of Nursing was created in 1937.

When was Seton Hall University School of Law created?

Seton Hall University School of Law was created in 1951.

What sports team mascots start with the letter P?

Pirate - the mascot of the Seton Hall Pirates at Seton Hall University