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Johney Damon on 6-13-08 while playing for the Yankees. The opponet waere the Kansas City Royals.

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Q: Who was the last player with 6 hits in a game?
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Who has the Chicago Cubs record for most hits in a game?

A Cubs player has gotten 6 hits in a game 10 times, the last being Sammy Sosa on July 2, 1993.

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How many Chicago Cubs have had 5 or more hits in a game?

According to the official Chicago Cubs site, 10 Cubs have hit 6 hits in a single game. The last one to do it was Sammy Sosa in 1993.

What is the record for most hits in a baseball game?


What mlb player has the most hits in a single game?

Well, many players have the record. There is atleast a 20-way tie for hits in the AL for a 9 inning game, most recently by Ian Kinsler in 2009, which 6 hits. The NL is a 2 way tie for hits in a 9 inning game at 7. Johnny Burnett holds the all time record for hits in an extra innings game, getting 9 hits in an 18 inning game for the Indians in 1932

Who had 6 hits in one game for Boston Red Sox?


Is 6 fouls in the NBA a foul-out?

When you get 6 fouls in any nba game you foul-out of the game and that player who received the 6 fouls has to sit on the bench for the remainder of the game. If there are only 5 players who are able to play and everybody else is either injured, inactive or has fouled-out, then if another player gets fouled-out then there would be only 4 players able to play but under the nba rule book there always has to be 5 players on the court so that last player who is supposed to foul-out has to stay in the game but other than that yes, 6 fouls in a nba game is a foul-out

What was the highest number of runs ever scored by a single player in a Major League Baseball game?

Both the National League and American League record is 6 and has been achieved by 15 players. The last American Leaguer to score 6 runs in a game was Joe Randa of the Kansas City Royals in a game against the Detroit Tigers on September 9, 2004. The Royals won that game, 26-5. The score at the end of 3 innings was 17-2. Randa had 6 hits in 7 at bats, 5 singles and 1 double. The last National Leaguer to score 6 runs in a game was Shawn Green of the Los Angeles Dodgers in a game against the Milwaukee Brewers on May 23, 2002. The Dodgers won that game 16-3. Green has 6 hits in 6 at bats, 1 single, 1 double, and 4 home runs. He is one of only 15 players in MLB history to hit 4 home runs in one game.

When was the last time Montreal hosted an NHL all-star Game?

The Last all-star game in Montreal was on Feb. 6, 1993.

How long does a ball last in a baseball game?

About 6-8 pitches

How long does a little league baseball game last?

6 innings.

What happens if a player gets charged with 6 fouls in the NBA?

They foul out of game ----- The player is disqualified and ordered to enjoy the rest of the game from the bench.

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