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There actually was not 1 player because you have to capped as a unit or team. These are the players registered with the WRU as formal caps for the first cap issue


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Q: Who was the first rugby player to be capped for Wales?
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Welsh capped rugby players called hurley?

There are no records of any player with the last name HURLEY being capped for wales I'm afraid.

Who is the worlds most capped rugby player?

George Gregan is the most capped rugby player of all time

Last 10 players capped for wales rugby union?

Gareth Thomas (100).

Who is the mosted capped rugby player?

george gregan

Most capped Scottish rugby player?

Gavin Hastings

Who is England's most capped rugby player?

Jason Leonard

Who is England's most capped rugby league player?


Who is New Zealand's most capped Rugby player?

Sean Fitzpatrick

Who is the most capped french rugby player?

Fabien Pelous (118).

Who is the most capped nz player in rugby league?

Ruben Wiki

Second most capped welsh rugby player?

Gareth Llewellyn.

Who is the most capped Australian rugby league player?

Darren Lockyer

Who is the most capped Irish Woman Rugby Player?

Fiona Steed??

To date who is Scotland's most capped rugby player?

gavin hastings

Who is Englands most capped rugby union player?

Jason Lennard

Who is the most capped Scottish rugby player?

Chris Paterson - the wonderful!

Who is Wales' rugby player?

Can you be a little more specific please = the question is impossible to answer with who is wales player

New zealand most capped rugby union player?

Sean fitzpatrick

Who is the most capped player in the world rugby union?

George Gregan is the name

When did Wales rugby team establish?

Wales' first International Rugby Union match was played on February 19th 1881.

Does Stephen Jones play rugby and make hats?

There is nothing in evidence to suggest that Stephen Jones (Wales and Scarlets) makes hats. However, he is first choice outside half for his country and has been cappedWales

Which Wales Rugby player broke his ankle?

Iain Evans

What is Shane Williams known for?

Shane Williams is a well known rugby player in the UK. He has played for many years for the Ospreys and also for the Welsh National Team. Shane Williams is Wales' most capped winger.

Who is the most capped rugby union player?

George Gregan, the former Australian captain and scrum half.

Who is the youngest player to play rugby union for wales?

Tom Prydie.