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Fiona Steed??

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Q: Who is the most capped Irish Woman Rugby Player?
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Who is the greatest Irish snooker player Who is the greatest Irish pool player Who is the greatest Irish darts player Who is the greatest Irish sportsman and woman player?

At a time, Alex Higgins was regarded as the best Irish Snooker player especially in the 70s and 80s. But one player who ran him very close in those years was Dubliner Patsy Fagan. Ken Doherty was the best Irish Snooker player in the last 20 years. In Pool...Gavin Cleary would be regarded as the top Irish Pool player. Ireland has not produced a Darts player of real note. As for Greatest sportsperson.......Sonia O'Sullivan PL

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Kathleen Watkins who is married to Gay Byrne.

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the ugly raped woman

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It is in Irish Gaelic (called 'Irish' in Ireland).

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