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Q: Who was the first player to play in fdive world cup finals?
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In which finals was a french player sent off for the first time on the world cup history?


Who was the first England player to score two goals in world cup finals and in which year?

Wayne Rooney

In which finals was a French player sent off for the first time in world cup history?

1958 ya baby

Which player has played in most world cup finals?


Who is the youngest player ever to play in the world cup finals?


Roger Mila was the first African soccer player to score a goal at FIFA world cup?

I doubt it, but yes he reached the quarter finals with Cameroon for the first time.

How many times have Spain played in the World Cup Final?

World Cup 2010 was the first time they have progressed passed the quarter finals, and it was the first time they played in the finals.

Whose made it to the most soccer world cup finals?

The player to reach the most finals is the Brazilian Cafu 4 times.

Where were the first World Cup finals of the twenty-first century?

argentina and chile

Where the first world cup finals of the twenty first century?

Argentina and Chile

What year was the first monster jam world finals?


Which country hosted the first world cup finals?