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It was Fernandez way back in the 80s

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Q: Who was the first person to slam dunk a basketball in the Philippine basketball association?
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Who was the first and only woman to coach a team in Philippine Basketball Association?

Nikki coseteng

What Philippine Basketball Team is the first to compete in the first Olympics?

The first Philippine basketball team to compete in the Olympics was at the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin .... they finished 5th.

Why is the NBA called nba?

first there were two conferences, the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION, and the AMERICAN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION. But the NBA was better, so they merged into just the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION.

What is PBA in basketball?

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is a men's professional basketball league in the Philippines composed of 10 company-branded franchised teams. It is the first and oldest professional basketball league in Asia and the second oldest in the world after the NBA.[1] The league's regulations are a hybrid of rules from FIBA and the NBA.

Who was the coach of the first Philippine basketball team in the olympic?

John Michael Manus

Who was the coach of the first Philippine basketball team in the Olympics?

John Michael Manus

National Basketball Association What was the first name of Smits?


Who were the first two African American to play in the National Basketball Association?

me and me

What positions did each player have in the first Philippine basketball team that played in the Olympics?

Silverio - forward

What year was NBA formed?

NBA or National Basketball Association was formed on June 6, 1946 in the city of New York. It was first called as BAA or Basketball Association of America.

Who is the worst basketball coach in history?

Alex Compton, head coach of the Alaska Aces in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is considered the worst basketball coach in history. After leading his team to a 3-0 lead in the 2016 Philippine Cup best of seven finals he allowed their opponent, San Miguel, to win 4 straight games to win the championship; thus earning Alaska the dubious title of being the first team in basketball history to lose a best of seven finals series after leading it 3-0.

From 1967 to 1969 George Mikan was what league's first commissioner?

American Basketball Association