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American Basketball Association

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Q: From 1967 to 1969 George Mikan was what league's first commissioner?
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...of DePaul University was the first "Big Man" and had quite a significant impact on basketball *He was the NBA's first "superstar" when he played for the Minneapolis Lakers *Mikan and the Lakers won the NBA championship in five out of six seasons from 1948-9 to 1954-5 *"Goaltending" was enacted as a rule in college basketball as an effort to mitigate Mikan's dominance at the Center position *The free-throw lane's width was doubled because of Mikan *The 24 second shot clock was instituted to stop slow down tactics against Mikan *Mikan led the NBA in scoring and rebounding six times *Mikan frequently scored well over half of his team's points, including one game where he scored 61 of the Laker's 91 points and led the NBA in scoring when he retired *Mikan was selected as the greatest player of the first half century in 1950 *As Commissioner of the American Basketball Association, Mikan implemented the 3-point shot line

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