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Charles Bannerman of the Australia scored the 'first run' of the first 'Cricket Test Match' against the England's bowler Alfred Shaw.

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2011-07-20 13:51:40
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Q: Who scored the first run of the first Cricket Test Match?
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Who scored the first run of the the first Cricket Test Match?

Charles Bennerman, the opener batsman of Australia scored the first run of the First Cricket Test Match held between England and Australia in the year 1877 at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Who scored first ever test century?

First 'century' of the test cricket was scored by Charles Bannerman of Australia in the first ever test cricket match played between England and Australia in the year 1877.

First cricket player made 100 runs in test?

Charles bannerman of australia has made the first century in test match against england he has scored 165 not out in the fist match of history of test cricket.

Who scored the first century of the Test Cricket?

Charles Bannerman scored the first century for Australia against England on the first day of the first Test match on 15 March, 1877.

Who scored the slowest 50 in a cricket test match?

Sunil Gavaskar

Who is that srilankan cricket player is scored double centeries in his first test match?

DSBP Kuruppu 201* 1987

Who scored the first 'double century' in Test Cricket?

The first double-century in a Test match was scored by Australian Billy Murdoch against England at Oval in 1884.

Who was the first player to score a century in a test match?

Charles Bannerman(Aus) was the first one to register a century in test,which was not only his first match but also the first registered test match of the test cricket history.He scored 165 on 15th March,1877 at Melbourne.

Which team scored lowest score in first innings in test match cricket?

south africe in 1924 againest England

First Indian to score hundred in a test match?

Lala Amarnath - scored 118 in Gymkhana Cricket Ground, Mumbai

Who scored a double century in test cricket and never played a test match again?

jason gillespie

Where did India play its first test cricket match?

India played its first test cricket match in Kolkata, Eden Gardens.

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