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claude makelele

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Q: Who was the first black player to play for Real Madrid?
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Who was the first english player for real madrid?

Laurie Cunningham

Who is the highest paid player at Real Madrid?

The highest paid player at Real Madrid is Christiano Ronaldo.

Who score against real Madrid like ex real Madrid player?


Who is the first french player to sign for real Madrid?

Pedro Parages Diego Madrazo

Did Real Madrid wear the black strip from 2000 in the league?

No as Real madrids first choice color is always white.

Who is most capped real Madrid?

Raul the former captain of Real Madrid is the most capped player.

What nationality is real Madrid player ozio?

There is no Real Madrid player by the name of Ozio. If you mean Mesut Ozil, he if German with Turkish descent.

Most appearances spanish player in real Madrid?

Madrid captain Raul.

What is the current football club of Ronaldinho?

He plays his club football at Real Madrid in Spain.

Which player transferred from real Madrid to Bacelona?

The first name that crossed my mind was Martinez Luis Enrique.

Will javier hernandez get some playing time with Real Madrid?

He is back up player for real Madrid and will get to play when the alternate player get injured or get out of form.

What is name of the player who was transferred from EPL to Real Madrid?

The winger Steve mcmanon joined real Madrid from Liverpool.