Most appearances spanish player in real Madrid?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Madrid captain Raul.

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Q: Most appearances spanish player in real Madrid?
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Most appearances in the champions league?

Raul from Real Madrid.

Who are the most popular Spanish soccer teams?

Real Madrid is the most popular spanish soccer teams

What spanish soccer team is worth the most?

Real Madrid.

Who is most capped real Madrid?

Raul the former captain of Real Madrid is the most capped player.

Who had the most British open appearances?

Gary Player

Which player holds the record for most premiership appearances?

The player with the most Premier League appearances is David James of Portsmouth. He currently has 537 dating from 1992 to 21.2.2009.

What player has the most appearances in a World Series?

Yogi Berra

Which player has the most premiership appearances for Villa?

Alan Wright

Most premiership appearances by a french player?

Patrice Evra

Which footballer has played most for spanish football teams?

It is Raul of real Madrid.

Which football club has won most Spanish league titles?

Real Madrid

Name Uniteds player with the most club appearances?

Ryan Giggs