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John Kennedy ... he was a pinch runner on April 22, 1957 against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Q: Who was the first black baseball player to play for the Philadelphia National League team?
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Who was baseball's most valuable player for the national league in 1998 for the American League?

Sammy Sosa

Life as an nbl player?

NBL stands for National Baseball League so maybe a pro baseball player.

When and where did baseball player Tom Dowse play?

Tom Dowse debuted on April 21, 1890, playing for the Cleveland Spiders at National League Park; he played his final game on October 12, 1892, playing for the Philadelphia Phillies at Philadelphia Baseball Grounds.

Which Philadelphia Phillies player has won the most MVP awards?

Mike Schmidt won 3 national League MVP Awards with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Who is the oldest current major league baseball player?

Jamie Moyer of the Philadelphia Phillies, age 45.

Which baseball player for the Chicago Cubs was MVP of the National League in 1998?

Sammy Sosa.

Who was the first Latin or Hispanic player to play in Major league Baseball?

The first Latin American player in the modern era of MLB was Luis Castro who played with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1902. Castro was born in Medellin, Columbia. Estaban Bellan from Cuba played for the Troy Haymakers of the National Association in 1871. The National Association was the predecessor of the National League.

Who was the first black baseball player in the national baseball league?

Jackie Robinson who joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

How much do NBL player get paid?

A Nbl( National Baseball League) player makes $4.2 Million a year.

Who won the 2011 best major league baseball player espy award?

Roy halladay of the philadelphia phillies

What National League player has the most world championships?

Yogiberra is the national league player who has most world championships.

Who was the only baseball player to win MVP awards in the National League and the American League?

Frank Robinson, who won the National League's MVP award in 1961 as a member of the Cincinnati and the American League version in 1966 with the Baltimore Orioles.

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