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Yogiberra is the national league player who has most world championships.

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Q: What National League player has the most world championships?
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Most World Series titles by a national league team?

The St. Louis Cardinals have won 11 world championships.

What baseball league has had more World Series champions?

As of the 2010 World Series, American League teams have claimed 62 world championships, while National League clubs have won 43.

What National League team has won the most World Series championships?

The St. Louis Cardinals have won 11 World Series, second only to the New York Yankees' 27 championships.

Who was the greatest football player in the world?

The National Football League

How many championships do the Oakland Athletics have?

They have 9 World Series Championships and 15 American League Championships.

Who holds the record for most World Series Titles in the National league?

Several players have won 4 World Series championships with National League teams. They include Frankie Frisch, Jim Gilliam, John Podres, and Sandy Koufax.

How many championships have mets won?

The Mets won 2 World Series, in 1969 and 1986. They won 4 National League Championships (aka "Pennants"), in 1969, 1973, 1986, and 2000.

What comes after division title in Major League Baseball?

League Championships then the World Series

What player has won premier league fa cup league cup champions league with one club and also won european championships world cup and still currently plays in the premier league?


Which current prem player has won world cup euro championships champions league premiership and fa cup?

anelka, gallas or makelele

How many chapmionships have the A's won?

They have won 9 World Series championships and 15 American League championships.

Most league championships in the world?

Rangers FC ;) 52 and counting

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