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Sid Wagner

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Q: Who was the first Michigan State football player player to be drafted into the NFL?
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What is on the back of the footbalL helmets for Michigan state?

the player's number

Were any baseball players from Michigan State drafted in 2009?

Through the 29th round, the only player from Michigan State drafted was catcher Eric Roof, selected in the 18th round by the Detroit Tigers.

Which has a better football team Michigan or Michigan state?

Michigan state

When was Michigan State Spartans football created?

Michigan State Spartans football was created in 1896.

Who is oldest football team Michigan or Michigan state?

I think it might be Michigan state.

Who won the University of Michigan and Michigan State football game 2010?

Michigan State

Number of rows in Michigan State football stadium?

There are 3,467,902 rows in Michigan State's football stadium.

What is Michigan State football record vs Clemson?

Michigan State and Clemson have never met in football.

Which football player was drafted first in the 2000 NFL draft?

Cleveland BrownsCourtney BrownDefensive endPenn State

Who was the best football player at Ohio state?

Nobody was ever good at Ohio state, Michigan is WAY better

Who won the 2008 football game between Michigan state university and university of Michigan?

Michigan State did.

Who won the Michigan vs Michigan state football game of 2010?

Michigan State 34-17

Who is the fattest player in NCAA football?

It has to be that guy that plays for Michigan State on offense! He was 6"5 370

What is Michigan's record vs Michigan State the last ten years in football?

michigan state 7, michigan 3

Who are Michigan State's biggest football rivals?

Michigan and Notre Dame

When is the last year that Michigan State beat Michigan in football?


When is the last time Michigan beat Michigan state in football?


How many times has Michigan State beaten Michigan in football?


Who has won more football national titles Michigan Wolverines or Michigan State?


When did Michigan State beat Ohio State in football?

The last time Michigan State beat Ohio State was in 1999 in East Lansing, Michigan.

Ohio state football schedule 1968 vs Michigan State?

Ohio State 25 Michigan State 20

Will Michigan football team beat Ohio state this season in football?


What is the all time record for Michigan state vs central Michigan in football?

4-3 in favor of Michigan State.

How many state constitutions has Michigan had?

4. The current constitution was drafted in 1963.

Who is Michigan's football team?

NFL - Detroit LionsCollege - Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans