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the player's number

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Q: What is on the back of the footbalL helmets for Michigan state?
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Why do Ohio State football helmets have an O on the back?

It means Ohio

How football equipment has improved?

Back then they did not have helmets and facemasks for ther face

When was the last time Michigan state beat Michigan back to back in football?

Through the 2008 season, that was 1966 and 1967 when Michigan State won 20-7 (1966) and 34-0 (1967). State also won the 1965 game for a three year streak.

Did Steve Garvey play for Michigan state football in the 1966?

No. Garvey was a freshman at Michigan State in 1966 and was not able to play varsity football as the rules back then did not allow freshman to play on the varsity team. He was on the varsity team in 1967 and earned a letter as a defensive back. Garvey left Michigan State in 1968 after being drafted in the 1st round of the MLB draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Why doesn't the university of Michigan display the American flag on the back of their fooball helmets?

Because they hate America.

What university did the football player Mike Hart play for?

Mike Hart who is the current running back coach for Eastern Michigan University played college football as a running back for the University of Michigan.

What were the three types of football helmets back in the 1900s?

The original football helmet was leather. In 1938, the plastic football helmet was introduced. In the 1950s, polymers were introduced, as well as face masks.

What is on the back of the University of Georgia's helmets?

A bull dog is on the back of their helmets.

Why is there a 32 on the back of Ohio State Buckeye helmets?

For the former buckeye Jack Tatum who died this year.

Which running back holds the Michigan record for most touches in a game?

Chris Perry against Michigan State

Who was the starting running back at Michigan State in 2007?

Javon Ringer.

Why do you put symbols on the side of football helmets?

You need the football helmet mainly for protection ,especially concussions. Way back in the good ol' days, players wore helmets made from leather and without face mask , nowadays players have something to hold on to, of course illegally. The football helmet is also used for the uniform and team identification. The rough and tumble British sport "Rugby",players wear no protection gear at all.