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No, Greece did on 2004 Olympic game

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Q: Did Australian became first on Olympic game?
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Where did the first olympic game take place?

The first Olympic game was taken place in Greece

What was the name of the first olympic game in 776 bc?

The ancient olympic game.

How did the game of bball become an olympic sport?

It became an Olympic Sport because it is an awesome sport!!! LOL!

When was first Olympic baseball game held?

Baseball is not an Olympic sport.

When did equestrians first become a sport?

Equestrianism first became a sport in the late 1800's when cross-country was used as a game between cavalry officers in France. It became an Olympic sport in 1912.

When did the first olympic game to London?


Where was the first Olympic game in Greece?


Where did they have the first Olympic game?

Olympia, Greece.

What Olympic game was first televised internationally?

1960. The Rome Olympic Games.

What was the first and only game in the first Olympic games?

The stade.

What was the first Olympic game held in United Kingdom?

in 1909 first olympic game held in united kingdom is called summer olympics.

When was the first olympic baseball game played?

1904 olympic games in St. Louis

When and where we're the first modern Olympic game held?

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.

Where were the first winter olympic game held?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

What was the first Olympic game held in England?


Who held the first Olympic game?

athens greece

When did London first host an olympic game?


What were the events held for the first Olympic game?


What date was the first olympic game?

776 BC

Where was the first new age Olympic Game?


When and where was the first olympic game held?

1896 in Athens

When was the first summer olympic game start?


What are the events in the first game Olympic?

it was called stade

When and were was the first Olympic game played?


Who created the first Olympic game?

the ancient greek's