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messi the best player of world

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โˆ™ 2010-10-19 15:40:41
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Q: Who was the famous player in the world football cup 2010?
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Who is the richest football player in the world as at 2010?

Michal Owen the football player

Who is most famous football player from England?

As of 2009/2010, David Beckham is the most famous internationally.

Who Is The Richest Football Player In The World 2010?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is the world best football player in 2010?

Lionel Messi

What is Rafael Benitez famous for?

Rafeal Benitez a former Spanish football player and current football manager. He is most famous for his time in the English football league with time spent at Liverpool in 2010 and Chelsea in 2013.

Who won The Player of the Tournament at the 2010 South Africa football World Cup?

Portugal they have the best player ever

Which is the best football player in 2010?

Messi is one of the best football player in 2010. But some others were good too.

What is the age of Cristiano Ronaldo?

his age is 20. he is the youngest player in the world cup football 2010.

Oldest football player in 2010 world cup?

faisal uddin and smelly imran uddin

Who get golden ball in football world cup 2010?

The Golden Ball is given to the player who is the best in the world cup. In the 2010 world cup it was Diego Forlan of Uruguay.

Venue of 2010 World Cup of football?

South Africa is the venue for 2010 World Cup Football

Which football team won football world cup in 2010?

Spain won the 2010 world cup.

Who are some famous athletes whose last name start with a you?

Robert You 2010 football player in Madden 11 who is a beast

Who is the most famous football player in South Africa?

Tshabalala, no doubt; he scored the first goal of Bafana Bafana's first match of the 2010 World Cup - in their game against Mexico.

Who is the best football player 2010?


Where is football World Cup in 2010?

2010 World cup football championship is being played in South Africa

Who is the best football player in 2010 world cup?

Diego Forlan, Captain of Uruguay and current player for Inter Fc in Italy.

Who is the highest-paid football player in the FIFA World Cup 2010?

The highest paid player in the FIFA world cup is Lionel Messi, at 43.3 million.

Who is Italy's most famous football player in 2010?

considering the starting 11 in general tend to be well known, i think in 2010 especially in world cup that pepe has kinda stood out, chiellini aswell, hope he comes to united aswell

Who is the smallest AFL player in 2010?

The Smallest player in AFL (2010) is Brent Harvey (North Melbourne FootBall Club) The Tallest Player in AFL (2010) is Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle Football Club)

What are the release dates for World Famous - 2010?

World Famous - 2010 was released on: USA: 21 October 2010 (limited)

For which football team is Andres Iniesta most famous for playing?

Andres Iniesta is most famous for playing on the Spanish football team. He scored the winning goal against the Netherlands in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Who is the youngest football player in fifa world cup of 2010?

Cristen Eriksen - Denmark 18 years old

Who is the best football player in 2010?

drew brees

Who is the richest football player in Africa 2010?