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Hayley Wickenheiser (Canada).

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Q: Who was the captain of the women's gold medal-winning hockey team in 2010?
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Who are the 2010 gold medalists in mens and womens hockey?


Who is the captain of the German hockey team?

The captain of the 2010 Winter Olympic German hockey team captain is Marco Sturm of the Boston Bruins.

Who is the captain of the German hockey team 2010?

The current captain of the German Men's field hockey team is Maximilian Müller

Who is captain of Indian hockey team 2010?

Sardar Singh was the captain in 2010. He was first captained in 2008 though, and was the youngest player to captain an indian team.

Who is team Sweden's captain in hockey the 2010 Olympics?

Nicklas Lidström

Who is the captain of the mens Canadian hockey team 2010?

Scott Neidermayer was the captain of the Team Canada hockey team because he was the most experienced player on that team.

Who was the captain of the Canadian olympic hockey team?

In the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver the Team Canada captain was veteran Scott Neidermayer

Who is the captain of the 2010 US women's Olympic ice hockey team?

Natalie Darwitz.

Who was the team captain of the US hockey Olympics?

2010? In Vancouver it was New Jersey Devils forward Jamie Langenbrunner.

Do Canada usually win any gold medals for Ice Hockey?

yes Canada won gold in both mens and womens ice hockey at the Salt Lake City Winter games of 2002. The women repeated in 2006 at Turin. In Vancouver in 2010, both the Canadian mens and womens teams took home the gold.

Who won hockey Russian or germen in hockey 2010?

For the World Cup of Hockey 2010, Russia won.

Who is the present womens cricket team captain?

mithali raj is indian women cricket team captain. played first odi on 26 june 1999. has odi shirt no. three(3).

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