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For the World Cup of Hockey 2010, Russia won.

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Q: Who won hockey Russian or germen in hockey 2010?
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Which country won the 2010 Hockey World Cup?

Australia won the 2010 world hockey cup.

Who won the hockey world cup tournament in 2010?

Australia won the 2010 FIH Hockey World Cup and Argentina won the FIH Women's World Cup.

Winner of hockey World Cup 2010?

Australia won the 2010 hockey world cup , they beat Germany.

Has Canada olympic hockey team ever won gold in hockey before?

IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010 gold medallist for men's hockey?

Canada won the mens hockey olympics.

Who win hockey 2010?

The Czech republic won the world championships for 2010.

Who has won bronze in men's ice hockey in 2010?


Who won 2010 girl world cup?

If it is hockey you are asking it is Holland.

Who won in Olympics 2010 women's hockey?

Type your answer here... australia

When was the last time the US won Olympic silver in hockey?


What is Pavel Bure famous for?

Pavel Bure is a famous Russian Ice Hockey player. He won a silver and a bronze metal in the Olympic Games. He is a professional ice hockey player, playing on Russian teams.

When did Czech Republic won the champions in hockey?

Last time the Czech Republic won was in 2010 in Germany. Last time they won olympic medal in ice hockey was in 1998 in Nagano

Which country won the women's hockey world cup in 2010?

Argentina won the world cup in 2010 which took place in Rosario Argentina

How many silver medals has the US hockey team won?

The U.S. has won 10 silver medals in ice hockey ... the men have won 8 (1920, 1924, 1932, 1952, 1956, 1972, 2002, 2010) and the women have won 2 (2002, 2010).

Who won the most ice hockey in 2010 in Vancouver?

Canada and also Sweden

Who won the gold metal for men's hockey winter Olympics in 2010?


Who won the gold medal in the 2010 olympic winter games for hockey?


Who won silver medals in women's Ice hockey at the 2010 Olympics?


How many times has Australia won the Hockey world cup?

The Kookaburras have won two Hockey World Cups(1986 and 2010). Meanwhile, The Hockeyrooshave also won two Women's Hockey World Cups (1994 and 1998).*As of 2012.

Which country won the 2010 Hockey World Cup men and women?

Australia won for the men, and Argentina for the women.

In which year the US Hockey Team won Gold medal in Olympics?

The USA won a gold medal in hockey in the 1980 Olympic games and it was one of the most memorable moments in sports history after defeating the Russian hockey team which was a professional team that trained in the army just to play hockey.

What country won the bronze medal in Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Women's Hockey?


Who won the Olypics?

Canada won the men's hockey game for the 2010 Olympic games they won 3 to 2. They played against the U.S.

Who won womens olympic hockey?

Hockey or women's Field Hockey was won by the Netherlands

What was in the ice hockey event in 2010?

That is most likely the 2010 Winter Olympic Hockey championship, which was won by Canada. There are also the regular yearly championship and the World Juniors (IIHF).