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Vlade Divac, no question.

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2009-01-27 20:13:00
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Q: Who was the best la laker to ever play basketball?
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Is Kobe Bryant the best laker that has ever lived?

It is simply a matter of opinion to say that Kobe Bryant is the best Laker that has ever lived. Kobe does play a great game of basketball and should definitely be considered for this honorable mention.

Who is the best basketball player ever in history?

Michael Jordan Was The Best To Ever Play The Game Of Basketball.

Who does 'Magic Johnson' play basketball for?

he played for the Los Angeles Laker (LAK)

Is Kobe Bryant better than magic Johnson?

Kobe Bryant is the best Laker and arguably the best to ever play the game of basketball. Kobe is a much better scorer than magic ever was. Kobe is 5th on the all time scoring record and magic is not even on it.

Who is the best basketball player on NBA?

Nathan Binette has 5 titles and is the best basketball player to ever play.

Is Michael jorden the best basketball player to ever play in the nba?

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Who is the best player to ever play the game of basketball?

kareem Abdul jabar

Who was the basketball player for Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan was the best to ever play for chicago

Who was the best ncaa mens basketball team ever?

Kentucky's (UK) 1996 team was by far the best team to ever play the game.

Why people likes to play basketball?

Because it is the best thing ever next to god! That's why!

Did Billy Carter ever play basketball for The University of North Carolina?

Yes, in the late 70s. He and Al Wood were roommates and best friends. He left UNC to play basketball in Europe.

What is the best surface to play basketball on?

a basketball court

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