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Q: Who was the best athlete at high jump?
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What should a high jump athlete concentrate on?

A high jump athlete should focus on a height they they are comfortable with at first. A beginning high jumper will not have learned the proper jumping techniques, and as they practice and learn, their high jump heights will rise.

What kind athlete excel in high jump?

Tall ones

Who is the best athlete of the Olympic sport shooting?

Larry Jump is the best of the best

Who was the only athlete medal in high jump hurdles and javelin?

Babe Zaharias

Who was the first athlete to high jump over seven feet?

The American, Charlie Dumas, in 1956.

What is the event that is like high jump but athlete starts with a pole and uses it to get over a bar?


What is the difference between the long jump and high jump?

The long jump is where you have a long strip of sand which you run to and jump as far as you can along it whilst the high jump is where there is a pole which the athletes have to jump over and it gets raised every time each athlete has jumped. :)

Why athletes in high jump events jump on sand beds?

it may be because the momentum may carry them ahead and also it increses the time of the athlete's fall after the jump.

What is a good triple jump score for a high school JV athlete?

anything over 40ft to be competetive

What is the best type of breakfast for an Olympic athlete?

A high protein, high carbohydrate breakfast is best for athletes.

When did Jesse Owens discover he was a good athlete?

Jesse Owens discovered he was a good athlete in 1928 when he set Junior High School records by cleaning 6 feet in the high jump and leaping 22 feet 11 3/4 inches in broad jump.

Who is the only olympic athlete to medal in high jump hurdles and the javelin?

Babe Didrikson, who won the 100 meter hurdles, the javelin and came in 2nd in the high jump at the 1932 Olympics.

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