Who was the Super Bowl QB that graduated from Stanford?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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John Elway was QB for the Stanford Cardinal and went on to play for the Denver Broncos, leading them to 5 Super Bowls and 2 Championship rings.

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Q: Who was the Super Bowl QB that graduated from Stanford?
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Who scored touchdowns in the Super Bowl from the university of Stanford?

Tony Hill, WR (Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XIII) and John Elway, QB (Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XXXIII).

Who is the only QB's to win the Heisman Trophy and a Super Bowl?

1963 Roger Staubach Navy QB Dallas 1956 Paul Hornung Notre Dame QB Green Bay 1970 Jim Plunkett Stanford QB Raiders

What was the name of the quarterback for the Washington Redskins when they won the super bowl?

The Redskins have won a few Super Bowls. Joe Thiesmann was the QB in Super Bowl XVII. Doug Williams was the QB in Super Bowl XXII. Mark Rypien was the QB for them in Super Bowl XXVI.

How many former USC quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?

None. ---- Through Super Bowl XLIII, no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and won ... no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and lost, either. The only USC QB with a Super Bowl ring is Rob Johnson who was the backup QB to Brad Johnson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII. He did not play in the game.

Which former teammates were starting quarterbacks against each other in a super bowl?

Super Bowl XII - Dallas v. Denver - The starting QB for Denver, Craig Morton, was the starting QB for Dallas in Super Bowl V. The starting QB for Dallas, Roger Staubach, was the backup QB for Dallas in Super Bowl V.

What quarterbacks won the Rose Bowl then went on to win a Super Bowl?

Jim Plunkett was the starting QB for Stanford when they won the Rose Bowl in 1970 and won two Super Bowls as starting QB with the Raiders in 1981 and 1984. Tom Brady was a backup QB for Michigan in 1998 when they won the Rose Bowl and won three Super Bowls as a starter with the Patriots. Brian Griese was the starting quarterback for the Michigan team that won the Rose Bowl and a backup on the Denver Broncos team that won the Super Bowl in 1999. There may be more but that's all I can think of.

How many Alabama QBs have super bowl rings?

4. 1) Bart Starr - starting QB for the Packers in Super Bowls I and II. 2) Joe Namath - starting QB for the Jets in Super Bowl III. 3) Ken Stabler - starting QB for the Raiders in Super Bowl XI. 4) Jeff Rutledge - backup QB for the Giants in Super Bowl XXI and Redskins in Super Bowl XXVI.

Florida State University QB Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the only Florida State QB to start a Super Bowl is Brad Johnson who started Super Bowl XXXVII for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Who was the eagles QB for their first Super Bowl visit?

Ron Jaworski was the starting QB for the Eagles in the first Super Bowl (SB XV).

Who was the first to coach 3 different starting quarterbacks to Super Bowl wins?

Joe Gibbs of the Washington Redskins. 1) Super Bowl XVII - QB was Joe Theismann 2) Super Bowl XXII - QB was Doug Williams 3) Super Bowl XXVI - QB was Mark Rypien

Who was the dolphins qb in their last Super Bowl?

Dan Marino, who was the Miami quarterback on January 20, 1985 in Super Bowl XIX at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, California. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dolphins, 38-16.

Has team ever won a Super Bowl with a rookie qb?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, no.