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Vladimir Lenin, head of the Bolshevik Party promised this to the Russian people to get them to support his cause.

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Q: Who was the Russian leader who promised land peace and bread?
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Why did slogan peace land bread appeal to Russian people?

peace bread land

What did Russian peasants have do to with Russian revolution?

In the Russian Revolution, the peasants were promised "peace, land and bread." This promise was not fulfilled, and many peasants starved which lead to stealing. They were caught and sent to concentration camps or were killed.

What Lenin promised the people in Russia?

peace bread and land

Who promised peace land and bread to the Russian people in 1917?

Lenin and his Bolshevik supporters promised these to the Russian people. They meant an end to Russia's involvement in World War I, a redistribution of land to the peasant farmers and an end to food shortages cause by the inept governing of the Tsar.

What slogan did the Bolsheviks promise the Russian people to gain support?

"Peace, Bread, and Land"

What slogan was used by Vladimir Lenin to gain support of the Russian people?

"Peace, Land, and Bread"

How did lenins slogan peace land and bread effectively appeal to the Russian people?

Butt sex

What does the phrase Peace Bread Land mean?

"Peace, Bread, Land" was a promise that was given to the Russian ppl by communists. Peace- End Russian involvement in WWI Bread- improving basic living conditions Land- land given to peasants Although reforms had been made, ultimately communists failed to provide a government of equal rights and participation.

Who promised Peace Food and Land?

The phrase "Peace, Land and Bread" was a slogan used by Lenin during the October Revolution. It is often reiterated by the Proletarians and associated with the Bolsheviks.

What is the Russian word for -PEACE?

The Russian word for peace is mir.

Why did the Russians surrender in ww1?

The communists had promised the people peace, land and bread; so when they took control of the government they ended Russia's involvement in the war.

Why wasn't Russia at the peace conference during World War 1?

The Russian Revolution happened in 1917. The new Communist government had promised peace, and therefore signed a separate peace treaty with Germany before the war ended.

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