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Q: Who was the QB when UT won their first Big 12 Championship?
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Who was quarterback when Texas won their first Big 12 championship?

Texas won their first Big 12 title in 1996 and their QB was junior James Brown.

How many times has Texas won the big 12 conference championship?


How many big 12 championship has Oklahoma won?

6 out of 7 times

Has kansas state ever won a national championship?

No the Kansas State basketball team has never won a national championship. Kansas State won the Big 12 conference championship in 2013.

Has Oklahoma state won big 12 championship in football?

No. Through 2009, their last conference championship was in 1976 as Big 8 co-champs.

When was the last time Oklahoma State University won the Big 12 championship?

never, they havent won it yet :(

When was the packers first NFL championship and what was their record when they won that NFL championship?

1929 with a record of 12-0-1.

How many times has the University of Texas won the Big Twelve championship?

The University of Texas Longhorns have won the Big 12 Conference Championship 3 times... Texas - 1996 Texas - 2005 Texas - 2009 Prior to 1996 the Big 12 Conference was the Southwest Conference

What was the date that Jordan won his first championship?

Michael Jordan and the Bulls won their first NBA Champion June 12, 1991.

Who won the 1998 Big 12 championship?

Texas A & M defeated Kansas State 36 to 33.

Which team won the 1911-12 Italian Football Championship?

The 1911-12 Italian Football Championship was won by Pro Vercelli.

How many times has the University of Oklahoma won the Big Twelve championship?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Oklahoma has won 5 Big 12 South Division championships and 4 overall Big 12 championships. Prior to the formation of the Big 12, Oklahoma played in the Big Eight Conference. Oklahoma won, or shared in winning, 32 Big Eight conference titles.

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