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The first official draft in the National Football League occurred in 1936. The Green Bay Packers had seventh pick, and chose a guard by the name of Russ Letlow.

Letlow, a member of the Packers Hall of Fame, played eight seasons with the Pack and was All-Pro from 1937 to 1940.

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Q: Who was the Green Bay Packers very first draft choice?
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Who was the Packers first round draft in 2008?

The Packers did not have a first round draft choice in the 2008 draft. On draft day, they traded their first round choice to the New York Jets for the Jets' second and fourth choices. The Packers first choice in the 2008 draft, who was the 36th overall choice and 5th choice in the 2nd round, was wide receiver Jordy Nelson out of Kansas State.

Who was the packers first draft pick?

2009 draft: bj raji of Boston College

Who was the Falcon's first draft choice?

The Falcons first ever draft choice was linebacker Tommy Nobis out of the University of Texas.

What was the Green Bay Packers first team name?

Acme Packers

Who was Green Bay's first ever draft choice?

Defensive lineman Russ Letlow out of the University of San Francisco in the 1st round of the 1936 NFL draft. Letlow played for the Packers for 8 seasons (1936-1942 and 1946) and was elected to the Packers Hall of Fame in 1972. He missed the 1943-1945 seasons when he served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Who was the first Green Bay Packers coach?

Earl "Curly" Lambeau was the Green Bay Packers (ACME Packers) first coach. He coached the team from 1919 to 1949.

Why did Brett Favre go to green bay?

Packers GM Ron Wolf traded a first round draft pick for Favre during the 1992 offseason.

What was the first year the Green Bay Packers played?

1919. The Green Bay Packers began playing football in 1919.

What was the first nfl team?

The Green Bay Packers

Who was the first NFL team?

the first NFL was the green bay packers

What was the Green Bay Packers score in the first Super Bowl?

Green Bay Packers-35, Kansas City Chiefs-10

Did the Green Bay Packers win the first super bowl?

Yes. The Packers won the first two Super Bowls.

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