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Beattie Feathers 1934 Chicago Bears- 1,004 yards

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Q: Who was the First 1000 yard rusher?
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1000 yard rusher dan marino?


Who was Florida State University 's last 1000 yard rusher?

Warrick Dunn was the last 1000 yrd rusher at FSU.

When did the Detroit Lions last have a 1000 yard rusher?

kevin smith

Who is Calvin Hill?

former first round draft pick by dallas cowboys (the first 1000 yard rusher in dallas history)

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers First 1000 Yard Rusher?

John Henry Johnson with 1141 rushing yards in the 1962 season.

Who was the first 1000 yard rusher in Green Bay Packers history?

Tony Canadeo. Canadeo rushed for 1,052 yards in the 1949 season.

Who was the last white 1000 yard rusher in the NFL?

Peyton Hillis of the Cleveland Browns 2010

How many consecutive years did the Denver Broncos have at least 1 1000 yard rusher?

As of the 2007 season, the current streak is 5 seasons. The last season that the Broncos' leading rusher did not have 1000 yards was 2001 when Terrell Davis led the team with 701 yards. The Broncos had a 1000 yard rusher each season between 1995-2000, a streak of 6 seasons.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys first 1000 rusher?

It was Calvin Hill, who rushed for 1,036 yards during the 1972 season.

Who was the cowboys first 100 yard rusher in a postseason game?

Don Perkins, Fullback 1966 against the Green Bay Packers

How do you figure the rushing yard average in a football game?

You find out how many rushing yards the rusher had in total; then you divide that by how many times the rusher got the ball.

Which Running Back broke the Ravens 50 game streak of not allowing a 100 yard rusher?

Cedric Benson

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