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who did the bulls suffer their highest losing score againest during jorden's tenure?

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Q: Who was the Bull's highest losing score during playoffs against?
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Did Larry Bird play against Michael Jordan in his career?

Yes. Jordan scored 63 points in a losing effort in the playoffs against Bird's Celtics.

How many NFL teams with losing records have made the playoffs?

No one. No teams have ever made the playoffs with a losing record. The Seattle Seahawks of the 2010-11 season are the very first team to make the playoffs with a losing record.

How can the Pittsburgh Steelers get in the 2009 playoffs?

The Steelers can get into the playoffs with a week 17 win over the Dolphins, Baltimore losing, and the Jets losing. The Steelers, Ravens and Jets all won in week 17. The Steelers did not make the playoffs.

What is the highest losing test match score?

The highest first-innings Test match score which ended up losing a Test match is 586 - by Australia against England in the 1894-95 season. The highest fourth innings Test match score which ended up losing a Test match is 451 - by New Zealand against England in the 2001-02 season.

Did doug flutie play in a super bowl?

No. Flutie started two games in the playoffs, one for the Chicago Bears losing to the Washington Redskins in the 1986 playoffs and one for the Buffalo Bills losing to the Miami Dolphins in the 1998 playoffs.

Why are the canucks always losing in the playoffs?

How can they always be losing if they made it to the Stanley Cup finals? As of June 1, 2011, they are leading the series 1-0 against Boston. (So, maybe 'always' is too strong of a word.) Go Canucks!

How many MLB teams make it to playoffs with losing records?


What NBA teams have made playoffs with losing records?

The bad ones?

What NBA teams made playoffs with losing record?

The bad ones?

How many games did the patriots win during 2007?

They were a perfect 16-0 in the regular season and 2 in the playoffs before losing Super Bowl 42 to the New York Giants

What 7-9 NFL teams have made the playoffs?

Three teams have made the NFL playoffs with losing records, two in 1982 when the schedule was only 9 games. The Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns were 4-5 that year; both were the eighth seed in their conference. The first non-strike team to make the playoffs with a losing record is the 2010 Seattle Seahawks, who were 7-9. Despite being the butt of jokes and being pitted against the defending Super Bowl champions in the first round of the playoffs, they had home field advantage due to winning their division and beat the Saints 41-36 in one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history.

What is the fewest losses in a nba season including playoffs?

The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. They won 72 games in the regular season while only losing 10 games, and then they won 15 games in the playoffs while only losing 3.

Was the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers ever in a super bowl game together?

No. They can't play in a Super Bowl against each other. Even if they made it to the playoffs, they'd have to go against each other prior to the Super Bowl knocking out the losing team.

What NBA teams made the playoffs with losing records?

What NBA teams made the playoffs with more loses than wins

How Many Points did the patriots score in the 2006-2007 postseason?

The 2006-07 New England Patriots finished the season 12-4 before losing in the playoffs. That year they scored 385 points during the regular season and 95 during the post-season.

Can NFL team have a losing record and make the playoff?

Yes. Six teams from each conference make the playoffs, the four division winners and the two teams with the best won/loss record that did not win their division. If a division winner's record is less than .500 they still make the playoffs. If the record of one of the two teams with the best record that did not win their division is less than .500, they still make the playoffs. Only three teams with losing records have ever made the NFL playoffs: The Browns and Lions both entered the 1982 playoffs with 4-5 records. (The season was shortened by a players' strike.) In 2010 the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record, becoming the first NFL team to make the playoffs with a losing record in a full season.

Has a NFL football team ever won the super bowl with a losing record?

No team has qualified for the Playoffs with a losing record, therefore, never getting a chance to qualify of the Super bowl.

Who did the Texas rangers play 1996 playofs?

The New York Yankees. Until this year, the Rangers have been in the playoffs 3 times, each time facing the Yankees in the opening round of the playoffs and losing each time.

How many times have the Washington Capitals made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Since their inception in 1974 til 2009, the Washington Capitals have qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs, 20 times including 14 straight seasons from 1982-1995. They have appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals once, losing to the Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 0 during the 1997-98 season.

Best start based on record by the New Orleans Saints?

The 1991 Saints which won their first seven games before losing. The team wound up with a 11-5 record, making the playoffs and losing to the Atlanta Falcons in the Wildcard round.The 1988 Saints lost their first game and then won seven in a row to end the first half of the season 7-1. They faded, losing 5 of their last 8 games, to finish the season 10-6 and out of the playoffs.The 1993 Saints won their first five games of the season. They wound up losing 8 of the last 11 and finished with an 8-8 record and out of the playoffs.

What is highest losing score in odis?

194 by CK Coventry

How many times have the Falcons been in the playoffs?

As of the 2007 season, the Falcons have been to the playoffs in 8 of their 41 seasons and made Super Bowl XXXIII losing to the Denver Broncos. The Falcons playoff win-loss record is 6-8.

Have the Houston Texans ever made it to the playoffs?

No - 2008-09 was the Houston Texans 1st Non-losing Season (8-8-0)

In the NFL if you have a overall losing record but have a winning division record do you make to the playoffs?

The first determining factor for the playoffs is whether you won your division. Division winners get automatic playoff berths, regardless of their record. Overall records only come into play for tiebreakers.

How many more games do the Pittsburgh Steelers have to win to make it into the playoffs?

They need to win the rest of their games and get some help with other teams losing.