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Kerri strag

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Q: Who was the American gymnast who broke her foot but continued to win gold in the vault?
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Who was the male gymnast who ran into the vault?

Brian Meeker

What are some injuries you can get on the vault?

you can twist your arm and ankle. p.s. i am a gymnast

How do you score vault routines?

Well this depends strictly upon each vault. You will first need to obtain your license to judge from USAG. You will then salute the gymnast, signifying that you are ready to watch the vault. You will need to watch for a piked position and an arched position. You will also want to make sure the gymnast jump up when approaching the vault as opposed to reach directly for the vault. Also, the gymnast must stick the landing as well. You will learn about all the decutions to make as you are trained to become a judge.

Is there such a move as a standing squat on for the bars?

can you lend me any tips for a level 6 gymnast on the vault?

What did Mary Lou retton wear?

She was a gymnast in the 1996 Olympics. She scored a perfect 10 on the vault.

How do you put vault in a sentence?

The next clue to the treasure's location is safely hidden- in that locked vault! I would like very much to see you vault over the next obstacle.

Types of gymastics?

There's artistic gymnast and power gymnasts. The rotations are floor, beam, bars, vault, for girls, and parallell bars, floor, rings, and vault for boys.

What is the name of the gymnast that landed on one leg?

on vault? Pretty sure you're talking about Kerri Strug

A Male gymnast uses what?

* Floor Exercise * Rings * Pommel Horse * Parallel Rings * Vault * High Bar

Who is the famous American gymnast who landed on one foot?

I believe you're thinking of Kerri Strug at the 1996 Olympics. She did her first vault and her ankle started to hurt. She did her second vault and landed on one foot because her ankle was severely injured. She helped the U.S.A team earn the gold medal.

What is the difference between a vault and beam?

The vault is a table apparatus where a gymnast runs, jumps on a springboard onto the table, pushes off, and does a trick involving multiple flips and/or twists. The beam is a 4 foot high, 4 inch wide, beam where the gymnast performs a series of jumps, turns, and acrobatics.

What will you practice in gymnastic?

What you practice depends on what type of gymnast you are. If you are a boy, you'd do rings, pammel horse, parralel bars, and stuff like that. If you are a rythmic gymnast, you'd use ribbons, do floor dances, ect. And lastly, if you are a girl gymnast, you'd do bars, beam, floor, and vault.