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I think you are talking about the Badminton world championship. It will be china but badminton is different to football basically foot is a team of people but badminton have men single women single mixed double men double and women double so no country is really champion but all five titles is taken by china. Xd zhang nan and zhao yun lei. Md cai yun and fui hai feng. Wd Wang xiao li and yu yang. Ws Wang yi han. Ms Lin dan.

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Q: Who was the 2011 badminton champion?
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Who is the Badminton Champion of the world?


Who is the 2009 badminton champion?

Lin Dan

Who is the champion of Badminton?

Lee Chong Wei

Who is the Girl Scout champion of badminton?

Girl Scouts do not sponsor a badminton championship. There may be local competitions or a troop or group may have their own competition, but there is no 'official' Girl Scout badminton champion. There is no badminton champion listed on any of the Famous Girl Scout/Girl Guide lists.

Who is the world champion for badminton in 2007?

Lin Dan

Badminton 2007 world champion?


Who is the world gymnastics champion?

jessel lampasa-she is a badminton player...

The deaf Indian national badminton champion?

prakash padukon

Who is the badminton champion in the world in 2010?

Lin dan of china

Who is the current badminton world champion?


How can you meet a olympic badminton champion?

The easiest being going in to the badminton stadium to support the badminton players before the champions are being confirmed and attain championship.

Who is the female world badminton champion?

susi susanti susi susanti

Who is Karnataka's present badminton champion?

As of 21/09/2011: Men's Singles (Seniors) : Venkatesh Prasad Women's Singles (Seniors) : Nischitha G. M.

Who was the male 2006 world badminton champion?

Rohan gill Rohan gill

How many medals dose the badminton champion Lin dan have?

1medal in 2012Olympics

Who was the unbeaten badminton champion of athens in the year 2004 in olympics?

Taufik Hidayat

Who is a Malaysian favorite badminton player in 2011?

The Malaysian favourite badminton player in 2011 is Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Who is the tennis world champion 2011?

Djokovic is the 2011 world tennis champion.

Who is the person who could not hear but became India's national badminton champion?

its Rajeeev Baga

What is the name of the person who could not hear but became India's national badminton champion?


What is the abstract noun of badminton player?

Some abstract nouns for a badminton player are player, winner, loser, beginner, novice, champion, master, etc.

Who is the WWE champion 2011?

The WWE Champion is currently The Miz (March 1, 2011).

Do Kane be champion to 2011?

Kane no be champion to 2011 because edge won agens Kane

What are the release dates for I Am a World Champion - 2011 TV?

I Am a World Champion - 2011 TV was released on: USA: February 2011

What are the ratings and certificates for Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too - 2011?

Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:Btl