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prakash padukon

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Q: The deaf Indian national badminton champion?
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Was rajeev bagga a deaf national badminton champ of India?

no, he is a marq

When was World Deaf Badminton Championships created?

World Deaf Badminton Championships was created in 2003.

When was National Technical Institute for the Deaf created?

National Technical Institute for the Deaf was created in 1965.

When was National Black Deaf Advocates created?

National Black Deaf Advocates was created in 1982.

When was National Association of the Deaf - United States - created?

National Association of the Deaf - United States - was created in 1880.

Deaf mute Indian who crossed English channel?


What does NTID stands for?

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Are girls able to do motocross?

yes girls are able to race motorcross. mater of fact there are about 5 women world champion motocross racers. and Ashley fiolek is the champion and she is deaf

What has the author Susan Plann written?

Susan Plann has written: 'The Spanish National Deaf School'

When was the National theater of the Deaf started?

The Nation Theatre of the Deaf was founded in 1967. It is the oldest theatre company in the United States and fundraising efforts to start the company began the 1950's.

How many national libraries are there in India?

National library (calcutta) National Science Library ( New Delhi) National Library for deaf-mute (Deharadun) Khudabaksh Oriental Library (Patna) Saraswati mahal library (Thanjavur)

Would a deaf person have deaf babies?

Not necessarily. Only if the deafness was obtained genetically. For example, I am a deaf person, but it was not hereditary. Therefore, I will not have deaf children. However, if a deaf person is deaf from hereditary factors - (i.e. the mother is deaf or the grandfather is deaf) - it indicates that there is a gene that carries the deaf factor, which means that it is possible for a deaf person to have deaf children.

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