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Q: Who was the 2008 tennis olympic champion?
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Who is the world chmpion in olympic table tennis?

Ma Lin (China) is the Olympic Champion. He won the Gold Medal in Beijing in 2008. Wang Hao (China) is the World Champion. He won the World Championship in Yokohama, Japan in 2009. The World Champion and Olympic Champion are two different titles.

Who was a famous tennis champion?

Roger Federer won Olympic Gold in the Men's Tennis Doubles

Who is the table tennis olympic champion?

In 2012, Zhang Jike (CHN) won the gold medal in the London's Olympic Games

Who is the table tennis champion in year 2008?

The winner of the Gold Medal in the Olympic Games in 2008 was Ma Lin of China. The World Championships for singles events are only held in odd-numbered years.

Who is the table tennis champion for Beijing Olympics 2008?

its could be Singapore

Who was the 2008 Australian Open women's tennis champion?

Maria Sharapova

Who is Carly Patterson?

Carly Patterson is the 2004 Olympic champion in gymnastics. She wen to the same gym Nastia Liukin went to who is the 2008 olympic champion.

Tennis and diving occur during these olympic?

yes, in the 2008 olympics, diving AND tennis occured. WhOOOOO

First gold medal Olympic tennis?

It is often forgotten that tennis was one of the original nine Olympic sports in Athens in 1896. Ireland's John Boland defeating Dionysios Kasdaglis of Greece to become the first Olympic tennis champion.

Tell me the winner of Wimbledon 2008 tennis tournament?

Mens champion was Rafael Nadal and the Womens champion was Venus Williams

Who was Edwin Flack?

Was an Australian athlete and tennis player. He was the first Olympic champion in the 800 metres and the 1500 metres.

Are you an Olympic champion?

yes you are the best olympic champion and always will

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