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Mens champion was Rafael Nadal and the Womens champion was Venus Williams

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Q: Tell me the winner of Wimbledon 2008 tennis tournament?
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Winner of women's Wimbledon open Tennis Tournament 2008?

Serena Williams(USA)

Winner of the Wimbledon open Tennis Tournament 2008 of the Women's Single Title?

Venus Williams

Winner of the Wimbledon open Tennis Tournament 2008 of the men's Single Title?

Rafael Nadal

In which year did spanish tennis player win the Wimbledon tournament?


Winner of 2008 ladies Wimbledon tennis?

Venus Williams (USA)

What year did Rafael Nadal win the Wimbledon tennis tournament?

He won the 2010 and 2008 Wimbledon tournaments. He finished second in the 2006 and 2007 tournaments as well.

What Spanish tennis player won the Wimbledon tournament in 2008?

Rafael Nadal won it by beating Roger Federer in an epic match.

What are the dates for Wimbledon tennis 2008?

The Wimbledon Tennis starts on the 23rd of June 2008, today! Check out for lots of tennis news and information over the 2 weeks of the tournament. Sounds like you may have missed getting some tickets, so get comfy on your couch and watch it on the BBC.

Who won the women's title at Wimbledon 2008?

According to documented information that is available on the internet it states that a tennis player by the name of Venus Williams was the defending champion and won the final in the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2008. Venus Williams played against her sister Serena.

Who is the winner of tennis championship 2008?

There were a few tournaments throughout the year of 2008 in tennis so there isn't really a valid champion for the year. But, here are some tournament champions throughout that year: U.S. Open - Roger Federer Wimbledon - Rafael Nadal French Open - Rafael Nadal Australian Open - Novak Djokavic

When was Caversham International Tennis Tournament created?

Caversham International Tennis Tournament was created in 2008.

Who is the winner of the Wimbledon of 2008 for women?

Venus Williams

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