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Michael Jordon

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Q: Who was paid the most in one NBA season?
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What is the NBA records for most dunks in one season?


Who has the Most rebounds in one season in the NBA?

That would be Wlit Chamberlin.

Highest NBA salary ever?

the highest nba contract is Kobe Bryant. 7 years @ $136,000,000. The highest salary for one season was Michael Jordan. In the 96-97 season the bulls paid him $33,450,000.

What was the most games ever played by an nba team in one season?

An NBA team plays 82 games per season, but including the post season they could play as much as 110 games.

Most points one player has scored in a NBA regular season?

Wilt Chamberlian 100pts

Disadvantages for NBA players getting paid?

If one nba player gets paid too much then others wouldnt be able to be paid how they want.

Which NBA player had the most steals in one season?

The current record for most steals in one NBA season is held by Alvin Robertson of the San Antonio Spurs who had 301 steals in the 1985-86 basketball season. Others have gotten close to this achievement, but Alvin still holds the record.

Which NBA team played the most games in one season including playoffs?

the New York Knicks

What do the NBA players do?

NBA players play for one of the 30 NBA teams. They participate in basketball games and get paid for playing in them.

In season 6 of One Tree Hill does Nathan get to the nba?

Nathan makes it to the nba in season 7 i think it is or end of season 6 and he plays for the bobcats.

How many games are in one NBA team's regular season?

82 games in the regular season for each NBA ball club

What is the most points scored by one team in one season in the NBA?

nuggets vs lakers nuggets-232 lakers-25

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