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Dyron Nix from Tennessee. Pacer for a short time.

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Q: What is the NBA records for most dunks in one season?
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What NBA team made the most slam dunks this season?

Orlando magic

Who has the dunks season 2011 NBA?

Blake Griffin

Who has more dunks in season 2011 NBA Blake Griffin or Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard

Most nba career dunks in one game?

24 by scal.

Where can one view Vince Carter slam dunks?

Videos of slam dunks that Vince Carter has made can be watched at the NBA website, Slam Online, NBA Dunks, Meta Cafe and at YouTube. The SB Nation website has a list of all of his slam dunks and select videos of the most recent.

The most dunks in NBA history?

Shaquille O'neal made 4,350 dunks in his career..

Who has the most NBA career dunks?

the best is michle Jordan

Sprite code for monster dunks on NBA live 09 for ps3?

on cheat codes guides someguy called Jason said it was "SPRITESLAM" case sensitive. im not sure if it is right

How many dunks did Michael Jordan make?

Between 1984 and 1996, Michael Jordan made 2,186 dunks during the regular season and he dunked 448 times during playoffs. These numbers don't include, however, pre-season games, All Star games, dunk contests, and any slam dunks he made prior to his career in the NBA.